The Street Level Conspiracy!: You Decide. You Be The Judge!

The Street Level Conspiracy!: You Decide. You be the Judge!
by Mr. Mark A. G. McAllister
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What seemed to be a perfect chance for the Street Level Crew, to earn some money. Has Suddenly, changed into a situation that may cost them the next 20 years of their lives. The sad part is that a Beautiful young lady, who just so happens to be a Law student, may have to forfeit her freedom. As well? Their only chance to avoid this dilemma will be for them to prevail in court. Otherwise they will be Doomed! The Strategy that they use, hasn’t been tried successfully in more than 117 years. (This part of the story is true, within the United States of America.) This Novel really does take on the Constitution, and the Federal Government. Concerning the way that African Americans are Disproportionately Sentenced, and Locked up for Drug Offenses. (Significantly Disproportionate) Caucasian Americans Get Probation while, African Americans Get Sentenced. This is not intended to be Against the Caucasian Race. This is intended to Be, Against The Law! This Compelling Story is Depicted within a Love Story Romance, Court Drama, Comedy, Suspense, and Semi-Fictional Narrative. It has The Sex, The Murder, The Car Chase, The Forensics, and the Cat Fight, Court Case, of the Century! There has been 8 Original Song Lyrics weaved throughout this Manuscript, with free links, for you to be able to listen too, and enjoy. This Manuscript Lay's out the Facts, and the Laws that have been Hurting, and Removing the Freedom of People of Color, for so long, Unfairly. This Novel also provides a New Defense Strategy, and includes an actual, Supreme Court Case Transcript that Stipulates that our Government knows, and admits that it is wrong, and at fault. Together we will fight this Modern Day form of Opression Formally Known as "Selective Prosecution!" This Crap has been going on for more than 25 years. It is egregious and unjustifiable. It is also way past the time for it to Stop. Before the story ends, you the reader will have a chance to weigh in about The Street Level Conspiracy’s Verdict. The world want’s to know what you think the Verdict should be? “You Decide!” “You Be the Judge” Enjoy
























The Street Level Conspiracy!: You Decide. You be the Judge! Mr. Mark A. G. McAllister












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