Why Do The Heathen Rage?

Why do the Heathen Rage?
by Christian Benjamin
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You may have wondered at the way some of your friends have acted towards you and your matter at certain occasions, you do not seem to make out why they have behaved in the way they have done towards you. Solomon gives an insight into a possibility of what the problem could be. He says: “Again, I saw that for all toil and every skillful work a man is envied by his neighbor…” Ecclesiastes 4:4 (NKJV)

You can see that this rage is produced against a man when the man does well! Rise up with a great skill and you attract enemies. Do what others have been unable to do or achieve and they begin to rage! Start building a house they have not been able to build, get a model of car that they are unable to acquire, accomplish feats that they are unable to accomplish, they begin to rage!

In this book, you will read about what the heathen did in Bible times, against Israel, against Christ, against the early Apostles and some select individuals. You will in this book, discover what to do (Strategies) of overcoming and having rule over the heathen.

This book identifies the heathen as: Any man or woman who stands or positions himself or herself in the way of good things that are supposed to come to you; truncating, diverting, re-directing, or stopping good things from getting to you!

1.The heathen could be taken to be that man, woman or people who refuse to let/allow God’s supreme intention to reign, and tries to use his/her power, contact, network, force, position, connection or whatsoever to try to circumvent or stop the destiny/plan originally intended by God for a person, people, community or nation etc.
2.Anybody who sees good things that are designed for your life and decides to stop them by any means or in any form belongs here.
3.Any man or woman who goes from one native Doctor to another or from one sorcerer to another or from one soothsayer to the other, to obtain or receive a charm or charms in order to find a way to harm you, your children, your family, or dispossess you of your possessions is a heathen.
The heathen are never really far from you. They are always around you, very close to you, having almost all your information and details in their possession. In this case, they include or could involve your family members, your colleagues in the office, your neighbors where you live etc. they are always close to you.

The heathen raged against Israel in the form of the new Egyptian Pharaoh who did not know Joseph and thus ordered for the killing of all male children born at that time. Why was he raging? He said: “lest they multiply…” Exodus 1:10. Anytime you begin to multiply or have increase the heathen will begin to rage.

When Christ began ministry, the religious people were around to frustrate him. In (Mark 3:2) “They watched him closely, whether he would heal on the Sabbath, so that they might accuse him”.

Why are they raging against you today? First, they have an idea of your destiny! There is a seed of greatness in you, you are a star, they have seen a glimpse of your destiny and that’s why they’re raging.

Comments: This book is born out of experience. The worst enemies are those unknown and those least suspected enemies. Most often, they come from Brothers, Uncles, Sisters, Anty’s, Nephews, Cousins and friends who do not want you to rise above them. Unfortunately, these are the very ones you trust, confide in and share your life with. God has used Pastor Chris to release to you powerful keys for identifying and tackling such enemies (heathen) before they tackle your destiny – Rev. Simeon Joseph
This book: “Why do the heathen rage?” is very timely. It has come at a time that heathenic rage is becoming more complex and many Christians more confused. Apostle Chris in this book has experientially exposed the rage of these heathen and has proferred solutions to the reader. A copy of this book is an asset to every committed Christian – Rev. Mike Ekpunobi






















Why do the Heathen Rage? Christian Benjamin












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